Submission Guidelines


ENDING INEQUALITY publishes an annual journal that focuses on and promotes positive social transformation and change articles that have the potential of contributing to the goal of creating a more peaceful and just world. We welcome first time submissions that relate directly to this focus. 

Our annual issue is published in January each year and includes a focus on a general theme that lifts up solutions to a systemic inequality challenge and a number of related, non-theme articles. Our non-theme section covers race, gender, and class issues at the systemic level, which reach into global issues like climate change, power and decision-making trends, living out a nonviolent life, core justice challenges, and peace building. 


ENDING INEQUALITY highlights positive systemic solutions that address the root causes of social, gender, race problems. Submitted articles must be factually accurate with source information to substantiate opinions. We are especially interested in grassroot stories that lift up positive change from people who have researched and/or experienced inequality that can inspire others to work for positive social change. We also publish visionary articles that call for transformation and building bridges of peace and compassion.

We do not accept third party submissions. We do not endorse any candidate, party, or legislation, although we cover global and political trends as they relate to our core mission. We do not adhere to any particular ideological, faith-based or spiritual tradition but instead encourage a diversity of thought and critical thinking.


ENDING INEQUALITY is a nonprofit publication. Articles are published in an electronic format and available for free to the public. No compensation is available for articles at this time. Ads are accepted if they promote the goals of the publication, which is to inspire healthy, sustainable, right-based living that nurtures compassionate respect for all people and the planet.


In order to engage as many people as possible in creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate society, we make our articles available under the Creative Commons license.


Please send queries and proposals rather than completed submissions.

Features are generally 1,000-2,500 words in length, and sidebars usually 100-250. Photos are encouraged.

Send electronic submissions to “submissions [at]”. Please send all attachments in either text or PDF format. 

Please allow at least three months for a response.