IImagen our lives we are challenged by two things on a daily basis. First, by the struggle for survival. Second, by a search for purpose. Food, water, sleep, health, these are the things that we need to survive that gives us immediate gratification. Purpose on the other hand, is more complex. Purpose moves us forward each day; despite all challenges. For many, a love of power and possessions gives immediate gratification. However, the love to love and be loved, can move us well beyond the focus on survival to an awareness of what is eternal. Love is powerful in the sense that it resonates beyond all ethereal boundaries. There is no higher purpose or sense of fulfillment than to love and be loved. Love is eternal and it will change both the physical and the eternal realms that we belong to. Love brings freedom, fulfillment, and a reason to both live and die. Power and control, when finally understood, frames a limited life horizon that is best understood by the inevitability of death.