….a sociological investigation into the bleak living conditions of the poor and vulnerable living without support and assistance under bridges in Pittsburgh, a city labeled as America’s “most livable city” by Places Rated AlmanacForbes, and The Economist and inspiring National Geographic and Today to name the city a top world destination

….with a doctorate in sociology, and past experience working as a newspaper photographer, my goal is to record and document social aspects of life for people living under bridges in Pittsburgh.

….in the making I bring to this project my own personal viewpoint on homelessness and poverty.

….these non-judgmental, yet sometimes shocking photographs show us how deeply poverty has settled into the urban core of the city.

Today, in post-industrial Pittsburgh, we live without knowledge that poverty plagues our city despite the investments in business regeneration. Renewed focus on investing in the social safety nets which shelter our most vulnerable friends, family members, and city residents is needed.