Mark Anthony Neal of Duke University says:

“We must remember that there is a difference between racism and racial inequality, both of which can be devastating.  Racial inequality is the result of a dysfunctional society with disparate outcomes that is created from hundreds of years of consistent work by racists who seek to create that society.  This work must be reversed with courage, and it won’t happen by us simply getting together and singing “We shall overcome.”

Check out Dr. Neal’s video at this link.

Dr. Neal believes that popular culture represents an arena of knowledge that has a profound impact on societal and cultural norms in the United States and globally, but one that has been largely underscrutinized as a “serious” site of scholarly and theoretical study. It is also his belief that commercial popular culture represents a distinct site of ideological production, thus his own work aims to engage the ideological undercurrents within commercial popular culture particularly within the context of race, gender, sexuality, class, and ethnicity.

More about Dr. Neal is available online at this link.     neal_markanthony